Kaala Masala

Hello Friends ! Seeing you all after a long time with a very different topic. Today we are going to make “Kaala Masala” which is the soul of many of our recipes.To begin with let me explain a few basic  concepts  to you.

               “Spices” are plants or herbal products that we add to enhance the taste and flavour of food. And the adjective kaala (black) denotes the extent of the rosting. The more it is roasted, the more black it becomes. Therefore the original Kala Masala becomes Kale Tikhat (Black Chilli powder) on addition of chilli to it. Goda masala is a black masala which is less roasted and has less amount of chilli or no chilli at all. The word goda is a bit deceptive. This sweetness is relative.

Required items

  • Chili: Two types; Byadagi and Guntur Chili. Good to keep it  in the sun for four days. Dried and its stalk removed. Byadgi Chili: 250 gms   Guntur Chili: 1 kg
  • 2 kg coriander seeds  kept in the sun and dried
  • sesame  seeds 250 gm 
  • Cardamom  50 gms
  • Asafoetida 50 gms
  • Cumin seeds 200 gms
  • Cinnamon 20 gms
  • Mustard 125 gms
  • Black peppers 20 gms
  • stone flowers 25 gms
  • Chakri flowers 20 gms
  • Cloves 20 gms
  • Fenugreek 100 gms
  • Shahajire 50 gms
  • JayPatra leaves 20 gms
  • Nagkeshar 10 gms
  • Chirfal  10 gms
  • Tamalpatra bay leaves 10 leaves
  • Dried Coconut slices  500 gms 
  • Turmeric Halkund 100 gms
  • Groundnut oil 500 gm

Method of preparation

  1. One kg of chilli as described above was taken. Stalks were removed and it was dried in the sun for 4 days. When the chili is fully dry it should be crunchy. One kg of coriander seeds  is to be dried in the sun in the same manner. Coriander seeds are to be sifted and cleaned.
  2. First take oil in a pan and fry the asafoetida. Then fry the turmeric. Then fry in the dry coconut slices.
  3. Now all the remaining spices are to be fried in oil. But these are shallow fried to preserve the fragrances .
  4. Finally, fry the chilies. A  prior hand application of oil to the chillies makes it more tingy.
  5. All the above spices should be kept together but sesame seeds and fried coconut should be separated while sending them for grinding.
  6. For the above quantity of all these spices, add 250 gm of rock salt. Mix it well. Grind the above mixture.

This recipe  has been shared with me by my sister in law Mrs. Aruna Kane. She was taught this  by her mother-in-law late Mrs Malatitai Kane (Mami) 

Some people add ginger, dill, poppy seeds, fried onion and many such variations to this spice. You may try these things if you wish.